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How to Persuade a Stubborn Loved One to Wear a Hearing Aid

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It’s frustrating to have that conversation with someone who won’t seek advice about their potential hearing loss or say yes to wearing a hearing aid. If you had bad eyesight, you wouldn’t refuse to go without getting glasses or contact lenses, right? However, when it comes to your hearing, that can often be one that people avoid rectifying, despite it providing them with better hearing overall.

Those who avoid getting a hearing aid

According to the International Journal of Audiology, 80% of adults aged between 55-74 who would be benefit from getting a hearing aid fitted choose not to. It can be hard to admit that your hearing is damaged and a lot of people tend to have a viewpoint that hearing aids in general put you at some sort of disadvantage. Whether that’s the visual appearance of a hearing aid or perhaps the potential embarrassment of how some people might react to the person having one.

Price can also be a key factor in whether or not they choose to buy new hearing aids. It might be the affordability of the device and the difficulty that can be faced when it comes to getting the programming right. This might result in having to visit an audiologist a few times before it’s perfect.

Regardless of the above though, there are so many benefits to your loved ones getting a hearing aid if it’s beneficial for them and here are a few ways to help persuade them to wear one.

Talk to them

This might be something you skip if you’ve already had this talk numerous times but if you’re approaching the subject for the first or perhaps second time, find the right moment. Even if they aren’t as stubborn when it comes to getting a hearing aid, the thought of being told by a loved one that there’s an issue can be a little upsetting to hear. 

So, it has to be done at the right moment and with the right amount of pushing on your part. Explain to them about how you feel their hearing has declined and that perhaps it’s affecting you and your frustrations when trying to interact with them whenever you’re around them.

Try to offer support that you’re there for them and that you don’t want them to be missing out on all the sounds that are around them to enjoy.

Show them the modern-day hearing aid

It’s good to show those who may be a little stubborn and aren’t bothered despite giving them the talk, the advancements that have been made with hearing aids. Back a decade or so ago, there was more of a limit in what hearing aids were available and the costs involved. However, since technology and engineering has advanced to new levels that have gone beyond what used to be the norm, there are so many different options now.

You’ve got hearing aids that are small enough to be pretty much invisible to the eye, the usual clunky ones that sit behind the ear. There’s even more capabilities in regards to the tech side in that Bluetooth connectivity means you’ve got the option to control these hearing devices from a phone!

Remind them of house calls

In these modern-day times, there’s a lot of focus on audiologists doing more in telehealth. This means that instead of having to go to an appointment in person, once the hearing aid is fitted, all the adjustments can be done over the phone and the audiologist can adjust the hearing aid’s settings without needing to be in the room.

Alternatively, if they’re worried about going alone, then offer to go with them to provide the support that they may need.

Respect their wishes

It might be that they just don’t want to and if that’s the case, then there’s no point in trying to force them into something they don’t want to do. After all, it’s their decision. However, the approach or the timing might not have been the right time to bring up the topic of a hearing device and you might want to step away and revisit it at a later date.

Get in touch 

If you’re wondering about approaching a loved one and want some advice, or perhaps you’re looking at getting a hearing aid yourself, then you can find out more at Independence Hearing. They can give you all the relevant information that you need in order to help get the right advice and guidance for hearing health in general. Contact us today at 772-210-1800 for more information.