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Mobile Phones Compatible with Hearing Aids

blue bte hearing aid in hand

Technology is constantly changing and improving the lives of people. Cell phones are part of that wave of technology that have helped countless individuals in times of need. Cell phones are continuously changing, and one of the major changes positively affects those experiencing trouble hearing. Through Bluetooth technology, cell phones are now compatible with hearing aids. 

In the past, people who use hearing aids were unable to use cell phones properly because the close proximity of the cell phone to the hearing aid caused feedback, static or buzzing causing extreme discomfort. Nowadays, cell phones have the capability to help hearing aid users use the phone with more ease.

New Cell Phone Technology

New cell phones are now made to be usable with hearing aids. All cell phone manufacturers are required to include hearing aid technology in their design. The technology is primarily Bluetooth technology. With Bluetooth, hearing aid users can connect their hearing aid to their cell phone and use the hearing aids as one would with wireless headphones. 

The hearing aid becomes a speaker. There are several benefits to this especially if a hearing aid user drives a car. You can still use the phone hands-free while operating the car and stay safe and focused at all times. This technology is also useful by not having the hearing aid wearer put their cell phone to their ear over their hearing aid causing discomfort or distortion to sounds. 

How Does Bluetooth Work?

Bluetooth is basically radio technology. Bluetooth technology is wireless and doesn’t require cables or any kind of physical device to connect to another apparatus or electronics. Bluetooth operates over 79 different channels at a frequency of two Hz. When a Bluetooth compatible device is activated and is looking for a radio signal, it will randomly connect to one of those available 79 channels. Once connected, the other device will be alerted that a connection is requested and both devices will pair and sound can travel from one device to another.

Hearing aids are now made with this Bluetooth technology and Independence Hearing offers them to all customers. Your cell phone will be alerted that your hearing aid is in range and it will want to connect to it, so every time your phone rings or you get a notification, you will be able to hear it right away and when you answer the phone call, the sound will be going directly into your hearing aid as if you were wearing a portable earbud. 

Talk with Your Doctor

If utilizing Bluetooth technology is something you are interested in learning more about, talk to your physician about your options. When you then consult with an audiologist, you can find out if your cell phone is capable of connecting to your hearing aids. 

Different models of phones and hearing aids may not have been updated yet, so you may not have the ability to currently use Bluetooth. If this is the case, you can easily update your hearing aids with Independence Hearing in order to have the latest technology in your hearing aids, but you will also have to speak to your cell phone provider as well. 

Update Your Phone

When you speak to your cell phone provider they will be able to tell you if your phone can be connected to your hearing aid. If not, they can also give you options of upgrading your phone to a newer model that has this technology. If you decide to go ahead, there may be costs and fees associated with changing your device that you will be responsible for paying. It is also a good idea to make sure that you can get your money back through a warranty or guarantee because once you leave the store, the new device may not work properly or may not be for you. 

Once all of your devices are compatible, put your hearing aid on microphone mode. When you do this, your hearing aid becomes available to be used like a phone. You will be able to speak into it so the person on the phone can hear you and it will be receptive to sounds coming from the phone so you can hear the other person as well. 

Contact Independence Hearing today at 772-210-1800. Consult with an audiologist to see if your hearing aid is compatible with the latest cell phone technology. Make your life easier and make connecting to the ones you love easier by upgrading your hearing aid and cell phone today.