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Hearing Protection

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Around 15% of Americans have noise-induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). This condition is an entirely preventable form of hearing loss that is caused by prolonged exposure to noise.

Most people don't often think about the complexities of the hearing process and how the auditory system works, but when we start having problems hearing, we soon realize how sensitive our ears are. Hearing loss is gradual, and before you know it, you could be finding it difficult to understand your friends in noisy places.

At Independence Hearing, we believe prevention is always better than the cure. Although noise-induced hearing loss is permanent, the right hearing protection can prevent it from starting in the first place.

We believe that the right protection starts with custom-fitted hearing protection.

Custom hearing protection

Even if over the counter earplugs provide you with some protection, custom-fit earplugs provide maximum protection and comfort that is specifically designed for your ears. You have greater confidence that your ears have the best protection against hearing loss. As the name suggests, custom earmolds are designed to match your ear's specific size and shape. We provide some of the best possible hearing security.

Here are the types of hearing protection that we offer:

  • Hunting: Ideal for stalking wildlife, these come with a special filter that closes when it detects short bursts of sound, such as a gunshot.
  • Music: These are great for musicians, as they provide great protection while allowing the ability to maintain specific frequencies of sound.
  • Swimming: This option helps protect the wearer from swimmer's ear, as well as protection from the noisy sound of rushing water.
  • Sleep: Those who sleep next to snorers will benefit greatly from these. They are also great for those who work non-traditional hours.
  • Motorsport: These protect from the potentially damaging wind noises associated with motorcycling.
  • Surf: This type of hearing protection comes with a sealed membrane that ensures cold water and air stay out of the ear canal.
  • Occupational: Do you work in a loud environment? This ear protection is made for you.
  • iCustom: This type of protection slots conveniently into your earbuds, allowing you to enjoy listening to music with the added benefit of noise protection.
  • DefendEar 1: These amplify soft sounds for helping you maintain awareness of your surroundings, while still protecting your hearing during battle.
  • DefendEar 2: Similar to DefendEar1, this model offers an additional mode for protection from continuous noise.
  • DefendEar Hunter: This model protects you in windy environments and has digital features not found in other hearing protection systems.

In-ear musician monitors

For musicians who play on bigger stages, in-ear musician monitors (IEMs) are indispensable. They let musicians listen clearly to the music while shielding their ears from the sound of crowds and amplified sounds. We provide custom-fitted IEMs to help protect your ears and perform at your best.

Wherever you encounter loud noises, Independence Hearing has a tailor-made solution to protect you.